Hellooooo makeup junkies,

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 02.35.44I’m Parris Georgiou, a professional makeup artist and blogger from London. Welcome to my blog, Confessions of a Makeup Artist… Blog. Someone beat me to the punch – thanks asshole.

As a makeup artist, and a female in general, I’m obsessed with watching makeup tutorials, reading beauty blogs and keeping up with the latest products to invest in. When I buy a new product I get so excited when trying it out that I either bore my friends to death passionately explaining the products flaws and perfections, or end up searching for something better, or a dupe.

I got a light-bulb moment when travelling Thailand earlier this year, that as much as I love watching YouTube tutorials on how to achieve the popular smoked burgundy eyeshadow look, or reading about the latest makeup applicator to launch – all I’m able to view are the best parts of the video, or reading the most interesting storyline. When I’ve tried to replicate a look, or use a tool widely spoken about, its rarely gone right the first time, and I’m a professional.

So I thought that I’d have a little space on the internet where I open the closet of skeletons, and bare all the shitty experiences that you can have with skincare products or cosmetics, or application techniques, and skincare routines, and how to avoid them the first time. A bit of advice to learn from the mistakes I’ve made, such as buying a £60 foundation believing it to be full coverage, when in fact, it isn’t – or to simply share my best beauty secrets with you guys because where would we be if nobody shared their tips?

So here is my honest, humble opinion, my embarrassing makeup mistakes, and my best kept secrets. All ideas, reviews, and opinions are my own, and uninfluenced by sponsorship (until I get some). Just kidding.


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